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I am excited to announce the release of my first Kindle Vella story- Following the Love. If you need to get more familiar with Kindle Vella, it is an Amazon app that publishes serialized stories. Writers release their work in short episodes, and readers consume the stories one episode at a time.

As a reader, you can browse through the many genres of stories available and read the first 3 episodes of a story for free. After the initial free episodes, a reader will purchase token keys to unlock future episodes. As of the writing of this blog post, the platform is offering 200 tokens FREE for trying it out. There is no subscription or obligation.

The story I am publishing on Kindle Vella is perfect for an episodic media format. I had had this story brewing for a long while but didn't think it was quite ready to be put into a novel. I am hoping this was a better place to share it.

If you think you would like a love-triangle romance story with medium spice, set in the love den of a counter-culture cult- this may be the tale for you...

Following a crush into a cult probably wasn't the smartest choice, but Serendipity yearned to find the peace and acceptance the Following of Love claimed to offer. The seductive knife's edge balance of sexuality and spirituality in their methods intrigued her. But they ultimately left her wanting until she found a man who fed into her darker desires and another who ignited her budding spirituality. Who would she ultimately follow if she just wanted love?